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  1. If I remember correctly, the top SS in the astros system was about to sign with the Marlins as an international free agent but we rescinded the offer when he tested positive for PED. Wouldnt be suprised at all if he's included in a Houston deal, we obviously like him.
  2. He performed pretty in line with his career numbers last year. Started off slow if I remember correctly but he still ended with a 2.7 WAR. He has the potential to be an all star any given year, and considering we traded him with 2 years of control, a potential #3 starter and a reliever isn't good enough return once you discount for uncertainty.
  3. Maybe that comes true. Quite possible. But that's still not good enough for Ozuna alone, let alone Ozuna and Stanton.
  4. You're right. I'm rooting against the Marlins.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if no one from the Ozuna and Stanton trades has any real future.
  6. Yeah, me neither if those are the headliners. Trammel is nice but outfield is the least of our needs currently with Brinson, Mesa, Harrison, and maybe Anderson. And Barnhart is a nice piece too but I mean....
  7. What do we want from Cinncy? I'm assuming they want an mlb starter as the headline piece like Rosario/Bellinger so who fits that mold.
  8. I remember the reaction to the Rodney trade like it was yesterday. "Now we're competitive and you dont want to give up probably our best prospect for a 40 year old half year rental reliever? Wow just wow." Lol.
  9. Why would you accept Conforto but not Nimmo?
  10. That's an offer you give just to say you tried. It's not competitive.
  11. I dont see any reason to sign a stop gap player outside C, 1B, and RP. Even then, they seem set on starting O'Brien.
  12. 90 losses is a 9 win improvement. The whole point of a rebuild is to see progressive improvement. And I don't care if other fans watch the marlins I'm talking about myself.
  13. 90 loses means the team is watchable. 110 losses mean they aren't. It matters.
  14. JT, Bour, and Deets gone for the whole year being replaced by Holiday, OBrien, and a prospect (?) is pretty rough. You're asking a lot for the rookies to make up that production. Don't necessarily disagree with Erick.
  15. "he will definitely be wearing a different uniform by the start of spring training" No shit we're changing our logo and jerseys
  16. Yeah but JT might not care what the offer is. He'll get a great deal from whoever trades for him. He just wants out and the agent is making it clear.
  17. Obviously he's discussed this with JT and he either wants out or the Marlins made clear they weren't offering him fair value.
  18. Honestly, I think the low resolution on the original leaks really threw me off. And like most nontraditional logos it just takes time to get used to. The font is still meh but if thats the worst part of the jerseys they'll be great.
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