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Conine could miss opener with sinus infection

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Guest Juanky

Conine could miss opener with sinus infection



April 5, 2004

MIAMI (AP) -- Florida Marlins outfielder Jeff Conine could miss Tuesday's season opener against Montreal because of a sinus infection.


Conine sat out the last four spring training games and didn't play in an exhibition game Sunday against Triple-A Albuquerque.


He said he lost about 7 pounds since contracting the infection last week and has felt tired after workouts.



``We're going to re-evaluate tomorrow and see where my energy level is,'' he said Monday. ``I'm not going to do anything to put the team in jeopardy.''


Conine is the only person to play on both of the Marlins' World Series championship teams.


He went 4-for-4 as a rookie in the franchise's first game in 1993 and quickly earned the nickname Mr. Marlin.


He was traded to Kansas City during the infamous dismantling of the 1997 champions. He returned last August when Florida obtained him in a deal with Baltimore.


``We'd like to have him, but if he's not healthy enough, we're not going to play him,'' Marlins manager Jack McKeon said.


Without Conine, the Marlins could use either former All-Star Wil Cordero or rookie Abraham Nunez in left field. Nunez led the majors with 10 home runs and a 1.000 slugging percentage during spring training. He also hit .417 and drove in 21 runs.


``If (Conine) doesn't play, I don't know which guy I'll put out there,'' McKeon said.



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Opening day. Packed house. Ceremonies, etc. And a very good veteran on the mound against us.

If Conine isn't available, Jack will go with the veteran Cordero, not Nunez.

And though Abe wouldn't realize it, Jack would be doing him a favor not starting him.


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That's sad. I hope he gets to start. He has meant a lot to this franchise. This will more than likely be his second to last opening day. But if he is too sick, Nunez should probably get the start although if that happens I would get the feeling that Nunez would try too hard to impress anyone and fair poorly at the plate. Hope Mr. Marlins can feel better


BTW...Why do you guys call him Steve?

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screw that, if Conine is out, play the kid Nunez. Rookies (Willis and Cabrera) helped us win it all last year and NO ONE is hotter than Nunez now. Cordero is not good at D at all especially with him aging. He's become more of a 1st baseman. Nunez can handle it, he's a big man. Cordero is also a better pinch hitter than Nunez so he should be coming off the bench.















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I feel so f***ing pumped it's ridiculous!! I'm listening to "Clubbed to DEath", the WS DVD theme song....I can't wait, let's go guys!!! this will be our year, we will win the division for the first time. The Phillies will struggle. Sometimes clubs like that underachieve...look at the Mets and their high salary players and all the s*** that they've brought to the franchise. This will be our year!! The Fish are here to stay!!! :notworthy

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