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Remaining Free Agents


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What do you guys think about signing one of these guys? Whom would you sign and for how much?


1. Ramiro Mendoza, RP. Don't know if the guys is still a FA, but he will not be cheap.


2. Robb Nen, RP. Last I heard he was talking to the Cubs(?). Wouldn't mind signing him to a one year deal. Another one of those "let-me-prove-myself-again" kind of deals we love so much :-) He will be a fallback plan in case Mota falters as a closer (as I am sure he will...)


3. John Olerud, 1B. Will not be too pricey. Defensive substitute and player out of the bench. Has a lot of experience, but we already have two people who can manage 1B.


Of the three, I will take a gamble with Nen...

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According to my list, the following are still FAs:


Ashby, Andy

Baerga, Carlos

Biddle, Rocky

Bragg, Darren

Collier, Lou

Daal, Omar

Darensbourg, Vic

de los Santos, V.

Fetters, Mike

Fick, Robert

Figueroa, Nelson

Fordyce, Brook

Frederick, Kevin

Fullmer, Brad

Goodwin, Tom

Gracesqui, Frank

Greer, Rusty

Hernandez, Adrian

Hundley, Todd

Jarvis, Kevin

Karros, Eric

Lankford, Ray

Larkin, Barry

Leskanic, Curt

Levine, Al

Mayne, Brent

Mendoza, Ramiro

Moss, Damian

Nen, Robb

Olerud, John

Parra, Jose

Perry, Herbert

Reynolds, Shane

Segui, David

Service, Scott

Simontacchi, Jason

Urdaneta, Lino

Van Poppel, Todd

Vander Wal, John


Let the debates begin!

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Signing Nen to a minor-league deal wouldn't be a bad idea, but Mecir is on the roster, so are Mota, Alfonseca, Jones, and Riedling.


If one of those guys (ideally Jones) wasn't guaranteed a spot, you could have the two of them see who has more to "offer" in S.T., but there really isn't a spot for him.


At this point, Nen will sign with a bad team, prove he's healthy, and get traded to a contender in July...if he has anything left.

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I say the Bravos sign him.



....and he wins the triple crown. that's just the way it always seems to work for the Braves.



And they are also a little thin when it comes to the bullpen. They like getting the "washed up" guys and then resurrect their careers.

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There's no spot on the roster available for another reliever. Bump, Wayne, Howard and Hutchinson are good options at AAA.



Give it to Wayne. :thumbup

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