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Current Marlins Number Retired?!?!?

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Sorry to you Niner fans to. Jeeze I should never make a poll again.


Yeah Lowell and Conine our Career player more Lowell but since 2003 Cabrera holds a big bat that says future on it.


I just hope that they will sign him to a big contract in the next 2 years if not he is going to be asking for a lot.

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To have a number retired you should need a lot more than just one season (pudge) or one great postseason (josh) regardless of the impact. Guys like Mikey, Castillo, and Niner could be considered since they have played here for a while and have been great on and off the field.



I believe in time players like Lowell, Castillo, Pierre, Cabs could be considered. IMO they should put up HOF type numbers with most of their success as a Marlin before any serious discussion is held.


If every good player had his number retired, soon there would be no numbers left. This is a special honor and shouldn't be taken lightly.

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if jack leads this team to the playoffs again, his number is probably retired.



some number for conine will probably be retired.



castillo is second


then lowell



then nobody else is even in the consideration.




to even put pudge in this discussion is stupid

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I believe 19 will be retired, for both Conine (who wore it 93-97) and Lowell (99+). Not unprecedented - NYY retired 8 for both Yogi and Bill Dickey.


19 will be the first number retired in honor of players who wore it as Marlins (joining 5 for Carl Barger and 42 for Jackie Robinson).

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