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Christmas list


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Ya'll got yours ready yet? I have some holes on what I'm having my parents get me yet. I'll do the usual shop on Amazon myself, order it, save them moolah, have them foot the bill and wrap my presents bit. But, anyone wanting to post their Christmas lists I'm down. In fact, I'll post mine right off my current Amazon page right now...


Robocop - Peter Weller; DVD


Chappelle's Show - Season 2 - Liz Beckham; DVD


Murderball - Keith Cavill; DVD


Hell House - George Ratliff; DVD


Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour; DVD


I'm going the all-dvd route because all the books I've wanted I bought myself, they already helped me foot the bill on a new computer... But there's something(s) missing...

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Bias by Bernard Goldberg


Friday Night Lights by H. G. Bissinger


My FBI by Louis J. Freeh


In Cold Blood by Truman Capote


Mystic River by Dennis Lehane




Cinderella Man


The 40 Year Old Virgin


Schindler's List


Firefly - The Complete Series




Walk The Line Motion Picture Soundtrack


On And On - Jack Johnson




Nike 1974 Rose Bowl Archie Griffin Jersey W/Patch


Random Clothes


New Oakleys


A Digital Camera


Netgear Range Max 240 Wireless Router

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-Flannel shirts (preferably lined)

-Barnes and Noble Gift card


-Money to put towards college/laptop

-Church clothes

-Good blue jeans

-New watch

-New pair of boots


You're so butch.

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Guest marlins02

im not actually going to ask for anything, this is just stuff i want. ill probably buy some of it myself.


-Ipod (my mom knows how badly i want one and she tried getting me one for my birthday but something went wrong with the delivery)


- some shirts


- new pair of tims


- the new wades


- black on black marlins fitted cap


- ronnie brown white jersey

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