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The 2006 World Series: Detroit Tigers VS. St. Louis Cardinals


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Head 2 Head, World Series:


1934: St. Louis Wins, 4-3

1968: Detroit Wins, 4-3


World Series Titles:


St. Louis: '82, '67, '64, '46, '44, 42, '34, '31, '26

Detroit: '84, '68, '45, '35


How They Got Here:



  • AL Wild Card
  • Defeated New York Yankees, 3-1 in ALDS
  • Defeated Oakland Atheltics, 4-0 in ALCS

St. Louis:

  • NL Central Division Winner
  • Defeated San Diego Padres, 3-1 in NLDS
  • Defeated New York Mets, 4-3 in NLCS

Team Leaders:



  • Wins: 17, Justin Verlander and Kenny Rogers
  • ERA: 3.63, Justin Verlander
  • Strikeouts: 202, Jeremy Bonderman
  • Batting Average: .320, Carlos Guillen
  • On-base %: .400, Carlos Guillen
  • SLG %: .549, Marcus Thames
  • HR: 28, Craig Monroe
  • RBI: 104, Magglio Ordonez

St. Louis:

  • Wins: 15, Chris Carpenter
  • ERA: 3.09, Chris Carpetner
  • Strikeouts: 184, Chris Carpenter
  • Batting Average: .331, Albert Pujols
  • On-base %: .431, Albert Pujols
  • SLG %: .671, Albert Pujols
  • HR: 49, Albert Pujols
  • RBI: 137, Albert Pujols

Key Players:








Recapping The Postseason:


NLCS: St. Louis Defeats New York, 4-3

ALCS: Detroit Defeats Oakland, 4-0


NLDS: St. Louis Defeats San Diego, 3-1

NLDS: New York Defeats Los Angeles, 3-0


ALDS: Detroit Defeats New York, 3-1

NLDS: Oakland Defeats Minnesota, 3-0

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Detroit has a huge edge in pitching, and is the deserved favorite. But I wouldn't bury the Cards alltogether. Detroit's best pitcher is Verlander, who's young and inexperienced, and so he's liable to think he can outsmart Pujols. They can get 2 good starts and wins from the overall best and most experienced pitcher in the Series, Carpenter. They have a chance if there bats get hot, specificaly if Rolen and Pujols start hitting home runs. It's a boring Series before it starts, but who knows. If Rolen hits a HR in the 2nd and Pujols hits a HR in the 3rd and the Cards get rolling early, and the Cards jump up and win Game 1, then it get's interesting. That's why they play them.

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