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what other forum boards do you post on besides MarlinsBaseball??


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i am pretty sure we had this thread in the past but just bringing it back


so these would be mine and in this order i view them mostly



1) Marlinsbaseball.com ( i think this ones a given?)

2) http://forums.swedespeed.com/ (2006 s60 T5 Special Editon)

3) http://www.xbox360forum.com/forum/index.php? (just bought a 360)


4) Facebook.com ( i know its not a forums but i love that site)

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Fin Heaven (www.finheaven.com) (Dolphins Board)

Miami Heat Wave (www.miamiheatwave.com) (Excellent Heat Board)

Dogs On Acid (www.dogsonacid.com) (Drum N Bass music Forum)

Electro Alliance (www.electroalliance.com) (Electro Music Forum)

Florida DNB (www.floridadnb.com) (Florida Drum N Bass board)

NuSkool Breaks (www.nuskoolbreaks.co.uk) (Nuskool Breakbeat Forum)

Stern Fan Network (www.sternfannetwork.com) (Howard Stern Message Board)

Hallucination Recordings (www.hallucination.com) (Rabbit in the Moon, Hallucination Records)

Howard Forums (www.howardforums.com) (Cellphone forum)

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I used to post on spurstalk.com but I got banned.




so you were a troll over there, thats pretty much all we ever ban over there.


I wasn't a troll, I just used a lot of foul language that was aimed mostly

at the mavs fans that post there like Ponky, Dallaskd, and several

others. I never said anything derogatory towards the spurs if

that's what you're thinking...

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