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I'm not a fan of the old "M" logo. To me, it just looks too outdated (as opposed to classic or timeless) and reminds me of a high school logo. I would guess that they will just have the fish wrapped around an "M" instead of an "F" but would use something like the script used for jersey.

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i have question will mlb allow marlins change name before moving to new home or wait for park to open april 2011??? why wait 2011 season anyway name going change we all can get use to MIAMI MARLINS i like them stay with fish on logo and add miami


They don't have to wait until they move to the new stadium to change the name, but they

need to let MLB know they're gonna change the name/uniform a year in advance, I believe.

It's possible they can be the "Miami Marlins" as soon as the 2009 season.

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