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Cody Ross and Brian Wilson jam out with Keenan


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I feel like the only person not really amused with Brian Wilson's antics. Not hating on him as a ballplayer but I just don't really find him that funny.


No you're not. I've thought he was a douchebag from the beginning.


I don't know what it is about the Giants and attention grabbing. It seems to be a trend.

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The Brian Wilson thing isn't an act; I heard he's actually like that in real-life, from someone who played with him in the minors.



Ive also heard this from someone who went to HS and played baseball with him. Said some of it is him playing it up but that in general he's always been out there.


I enjoy him though. Plus he's fun to watch pitch.

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Question: Why can't the Marlins do something like this? Just wondering..I think it's pretty cool though for Cody and Brian Wilson to do that. On the down side, I can't get that freakin song out of my head now



Who is marketable enough on the marlins to do this? Lomo and cogs? Also, we need to win the world series for the 3rd time.


Pssh, I'm writing a letter to Stanton to come jam with me for a youtube video :p


But yeah, I hear ya

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