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Naked streaker fan last night at the game... LOL


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If you're gonna do that at least make them work to take you down. Run around longer, jump, run the bases. Something...


He was doing flips and stuff before he got caught. It seems like most of videos of the event are really sh*tty and only show the end.


There are some pictures floating around. They don't show the guy's package, but show everything else. This guy has the worst tan line I've ever seen.

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I don't know about streaking, but I am already assembling a team of friends to jump the wall at the end of the last Marlins home game vs. the Nationals in Sun Life Stadium. If anyone would like to join, let me know!


I think you're going to jail..

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Hahaha, atleast no one was there to see it.



Karl Ravech



NEVER gets old for Karl.


Cubs Marlins games in Miami usually draw acceptably. Both teams fans happened to be a little more interested in watching a big basketball game.



The whole fan thing at the stadium is completely overrated I went to 3 games in D.C. and not once did it look even close to half full.


It irritates me to know that analysts are still ignorant to the fact that the Marlins play in a football stadium, and there are other baseball towns that don't draw well either.


Oh and we can always just throw in our television ratings for the analysts, they are pretty high.


Marlins have the right idea building a smaller seat stadium.

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I think ESPN is right in their criticism.


There really isn't a big enough excuse to account for the severity of the attendance issue the Marlins have. On top of that, when watching the last two games on TV I've seen more Cubs fans in the stadium than Marlins fans.

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