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5/30 Post Game


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The thing that sucked most about this game were the amount of pitches Ryan Webb and Mike Dunn threw. Both might be unavailable tomorrow night now. Webb might be unavailable for the rest of the series lol.


I would've used Clay Hensley. He could certainly use an irrelevant situation to fix whatever he needs to fix.

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If our June schedule is brutal, then the 2nd half must be pretty friendly, because we've played a very tough schedule so far, as well.





I guess i should have said the first part of June; although Seattle is playing much better than years past and are actually a game over .500 and then you have Oakland who always has good starting pitching.


Anyway it's all probably irrelevant considering we do better vs good teams well this year we have. Knock on wood in hopes of taking these last 2 games of the series from Arizona.



As a secondary Mariners fan, I was very disappointed to find out that we will be the home team IN SEATTLE, so I got my hopes up when I saw we were the home team thinking it would be in Miami.

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IMO - I'm glad were going through games like this, it exposes your weaknesses and in return makes your team stronger. Its a good thing when you loose here and there, its a good motivator and they will pick it up again soon. As for Hanley he's looking for anything, I mean anything in order for him to wake up, be it that he fakes an injury to mentally get out of it. You can say what you want but when you get to the point he's at right now, he needs the games to slow down again, and right now its flying right by him...

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yeah - a bad loss against a hot team when nothing was working right ..... gaby gave a little sign of life, but it quickly died the next time the d'back grabbed their bats


if anibal wants to take the next step to being a top flight pitcher, he needs to embrace this stopper role presented tonight - a couple games off, bad loss last night, tough stretch coming up, on the road against a guy who is throwing pretty well and a team that is red hot


if he can go out and dictate the tempo of the game, give the bullpen a rest and pick up a much needed win I would be very impressed


last night was tough to watch though - of course the annoucers had to get their customary attendance dig in (the marlins are a pretty good road team, no one goes to their games so it's not like they have a homefield advantage to return to)

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