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7/17 Post Game

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The decision to pull volstad after three innings kind of troubled me knowing Hensley starts tomorrow..



It's the way Jack coaches, I think either he said it or Tommy said it but he plays to win today, not tomorrow, he will worry about what happens tomorrow...tomorrow.


Volstad looked to have settled down but he (Jack) took a risk when we had a chance to take the lead, we won the game when it was all said and done.


Hopefully Hensley becomes this great starter out of nowhere I'm excited for tomorrow!

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Pulling Volstad so soon just didn't make much sense to me. I found it unnecessary. After all, the last inning he had pitched, he'd looked better. And yes, there is also the fact that Henstley will start tomorrow; in case of anything, I'd want the pen fully rested.

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Probably shouldn't have won that game because of the missed call by the 2B ump, but I'll take it!



There have been games this year that have had missed calls that cost us the game, 1 or 2.


It all balances out, and I'm not so sure the tag was even applied on Hayes.



It clearly was.

However, I'll take it.

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Hopper going 3 scoreless saved the pen.



Too bad we aren't asking Hopper to go 6 at the start of games. It would be nice to see something besides Volsuck.

Pretty sure its been tried, and pretty sure he gets hammered thr 2nd time through the lineup.


It was tried two years ago. Badenhop is much more experienced now. And Volstad has a problem getting hammered every time through the lineup.

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Another umpire screw-up decides the game. And there we're two yesterday. Increased instant replay is imminent. And I can't wait.




Do you think the Cubs fans hate the Marlins more than any other team? I feel a little sorry for them. The way the Marlins won the game today was like twisting a knife in the wound.

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