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5/6 Post Game

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Marlins win and stay perfect in May! Back to back west coast sweeps! Back to .500! Exclamation point!


W: Nolasco (4-0)

L: Cashner (2-2)

S: Mujica (2)


2B: Infante (9); Ramirez (5)

3B: Morrison (1)


SB: G Sanchez (1); Reyes (8); Bonifacio (14)

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I'm giving my vote to "other," since this was a total team effort today. Nolasco pitched great save the one hiccup in the 5th, the team battled on offense to get the tie and then the lead in order for Ricky to get that win.


Great all-around win.

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heat lost... :(







Calm down bro. I love my marlins too.


I watched both games. Got 2 tvs set up.

No, you're the best.

We're horrible fans we are.


Dont know why your being a dick, but I still you bro.


Love all my fellow Marlin fans.

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I didn't get to watch this game, but I'm guessing Tommy Hutton said something about Nolasco being a winner? And referencing his minor league W-L record? Someone please tell me so I can basque in the riveting analysis of the Hutt.

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