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Further Alienation of Fan Base?

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Miami Marlins threaten to sue season-ticket holders



Found 1 hour ago on The Outside Corner:

TEAMS:Miami Marlins








Via The Outside Corner:


The never-ending saga of Miami Marlins management attempting to alienate their fanbase continues. According to a report from the Miami New Times, the Marlins are threatening to sue a pair of season-ticket holders for requesting that their seats be moved after the Marlins installed a billboard that obstructed their view.

Jan and Bill Leon have been Marlins season-ticket holders since the 1998 season. They have bought two full-season, front-row tickets each year since. When Marlins Park opened in 2012, the Leons bought a two-season package for $25,000 per season with the option to change their seats after the first year. All was well and good until the Marlins decided to add a billboard directly in front of the Leons' seats, obstructing their view. Here's a before and after view of the seats.

The Leons claim that the extra padding at the top of the wall obscures their vision of the entire third-base line unless you move all the way up to the concrete. Plus, the padding also hides line-drive foul balls heading right towards the section. The Leons complained about the sign and asked the Marlins to replace it with a digital version, but were ignored. After the season, the Leons told the Marlins that they wouldn't pay for their seats for the 2013 season unless they were moved (which they had the option to when they entered into the two-year agreement). The Marlins responded...by threatening a lawsuit.

In the linked document, Marlins vice president and general counsel Derek Jackson ignores all of the Leons' requests to have their seats moved and cites the outstanding payment of more than $25,000 for the 2013 season as a reason for a potential lawsuit. The Leons have no intention of renewing their season-ticket package after the team's fire sale this offseason, even if they had their seats moved.

The Marlins are now apparently in the business of alienating fans that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the team in the past, when the team could have just ceded to Leon’s requests and moved their seats. This isn't just bad management, it's bad customer service. The Miami New Times is still awaiting a comment from Marlins management.



I don't think this is a smart idea this spring.

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I don't know - at first it started off sounding like the Marlins were being unreasonable and wouldn't change seats


However, from the marlins statement it sounds like they are more than willing to move them to a different seat and that the ticket holders are pretty much saying they want their seats but the advertising gone


The pictures are a bit dubious as well as far as seeing any real impact from the foam to the vision


If it's really about view and safety, I'm not sure why you would throw this quote in there


"I have no intention of renewing," Leon says. "They're a Double A team now. It went down the toilet when they sold off all the players."




To me it sounds like they bought great seats with the excitement and were blindsided and pissed first when the ticket marketplace dried up and they had to unload half their tickets at a presumable loss and then with the further dismantling of the team


Really, who would want to pay over $12k a seat to go watch 40 games a year of this club .... it just sounds like they are manufacturing a reason to get completely out

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They signed a two year agreement?


They got a verbal commitment to be moved after one year if they didn't like their seats?


They deal in contracts all day in real estate?


Why didn't those two morons get it in writing.


They get whatever comes to them, both the 25k bill and the seats they are committed to buy.


They are manipulators trying to take advantage of a bad situation to skip out on the bill.

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Last year we had a railing blocking our view. For some reason the railing, which was all around the stadium in the Vista boxes, was only higher right in front of my seats. The Marlins explained that the original plans had a staircase in that row, but when it was completed the seats butted up to the side, thus, the higher railing was meant for a stairway. I tried to get used to it but it obstructed my view. The Marlins offered me multiple seat change options, but I liked the location so I told them I am OK. Someone went to look at it and agreed with me and viola, one night we got the to stadium and they changed the railing to a lower one. So there, I bash Loria, but the guys in customer service bent over backwards to make it right.

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25,000 for baseball tickets. Wow.



I know right, it must be nice


However, that's the going rate these days - works out to be $154.32 per game over the 2 years ..... more expensive than here in AZ where like seats go for about half that price and the most expensive seats run $10k a season


Although we don't know all the extras included in those benefits .... looking at the marlins site it appears that they would be field level seats - FL9-11 ....... most likely row AA in FL 11 as those seats are listed at $155 per game on a full season are are called all inclusive seats, which according to the marlins includes


All-inclusive seating includes complimentary food, soft drinks, beer, wine and one complimentary parking pass for every two seats purchased.


That would put it back in line with some other places real quick

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This is ridiculous. Sounds like they're just looking for a reason not to pay for their seats because they wish they hadn't bought them. Loria may be Loria but I've never had anything bad to say about the Marlins' customer service.


Speaking of which I need to call them because I still haven't received my free seats for buying OD seats. Stay tuned but I'm not expecting a problem.

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There seats were on Stub Hub all season, from April 4th on IIRC- first row- section 9 and at $300-500 a pop (Flucuated depending on teams). I almost bought a pair for a mets game.


I didn't put 2 and two together before, I don't doubt they wanted to go- but I just realized it was only to games they couldn't sell. They didn't sell many and tried to get out of the contract now.



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Wsvn 7 did the same thing. All the hate for the marlins makes me love them more.


They did something incredible for me last Monday - and ive been trying to make a thread about it but haven't had the chance because of all the hour in putting into work. I'll try to yet it up soon.

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Last I checked they haven't even sued the fans, but rather threatened them with litigation. Yes, signing a contract and being forced to honor it does suck, but unless you can prove the Marlins breached the contract, then the facts are against you. Still, I don't think the Marlins will pursue it further.

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