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He was throwing pretty hard in Jax but I don't remember seeing 97. Funny, if his issues have always been walks you'd imagine throwing harder would make it worse.


May as well start auditioning for bullpen spots though. His walk rate did seem to drop somewhat since they moved him to relief.

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Back on topic now.... Olmos had a rough outing but he looks like he has closer stuff. If he can handle the mental part of closing we may have someone on the roster to replace cishek and won't have to make a trade for a closer. It's always better when you have somebody already on the roster to take over closing instead of trading because we all saw what happened with fat Heath Bell. I know we didn't trade for Bell but I don't trust closers that come from other teams. Olmos has some really spicy cheese. I like leftys who can bring the heat.

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Like i said when he was promoted. He's Andrew Miller. Can throw fast but has no control.


I dont remember Andrew Miller ever throwing a pitch over 92 miles a hour. I know he was advertised as having stinky cheese but I don't remember ever seeing it. That is what I was so jacked about seing when we traded for him but I never got to see the stink. At least none of the games I saw.

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