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Furcal done for season


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Rafael Furcal, who the Marlins signed to a one-year, $3.5 million free-agent deal in December, officially is out for the season.


Next week Furcal, 36, will undergo surgery to remove scar tissue from his hamstring. The Marlins were hoping Furcal would be the club's every day second baseman and leadoff hitter. Instead, he spent all but nine days on the disabled list. He hurt his left hamstring during spring training and later developed a groin issue.


Furcal made his 2014 debut on June 13 and went back on the disabled list June 22. He went 6-for-25 (.171) with a .445 on-base plus slugging.



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I know people always say, "I could have done that!" when referring to professional athletes. They are almost never right. I think if you gave me $3.5 million, I would have figured out some half-assed way to get 6 hits. Bunts when down (or up) by a lot, reached on an error with a generous official scorer...something.


Rafael Fucal got paid roughly $583,000 per hit in 2014.

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You go to Winn Dixie to fight-




You go to Presidente to get illegal green cards and fake identification..... And a full range of Goya products.




Google Presidente supermarkets and search the images, almost as many with a police presence and mug shots as there are with a "decent" storefront.

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