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The Marlins are giving Penny another start


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Brandrew Peaney.





A piggyback start for Hand and Penny isn't a bad idea.


Hand/ Disco for 8 innings or 9

Penny/ Heaney for 8 or 9.


Gives the prospects a taste of MLB hitters, and if all goes well they come in with a lead or a deficit, either way both situations would mean a chance to relax and just pitch with no pressure.

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It doesn't make sense he even got one opportunity. He has done absolutely nothing positive for this team. Heaney should be starting.




With Jose injured, Eovaldi showing weaknesses, Koehler coming back to earth, Turner being Turner, Hand being incapable as a starter, Heaney and Disco struggling in their starts, and Wolf not being effective... It does make sense that Penny got one opportunity to see if he would fit, especially since his minor league starts weren't total shit.


Beyond that everything is unexplainable considering Penny has done nothing to help this team win ballgames.

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Probably yes. Who has the better chance to pitch a respectable game, andrew heaney or brad penny?



I'm just saying that I don't think we'd be in playoff contention just by inserting young guys over the crappy veterans.


A lot of the young guys being talked about have proven that they're not big league ready yet.


As for Heaney, he also struggled in his limited time earlier this year and I'm not sure if he'd fare any better against the Brewers who have a good amount of right-handed power hitters.


With that said, fuck Brad Penny.



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