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Das told me the Cards were going for Heyward the other day, he must have his ear to the ground




yup and shelby was the guy i had heard was the key piece to the deal.


i hadnt heard anything about walden, but the cardinals needed some backend depth to their pen.


shelby is an ok pitcher, somewhere between a 3 and a 4, most likely long term a 4. didnt have as good as year in 2014 as in 2013, regressed, until he started to learn the sinker from masterson, when he got a little better, but for most of the summer he drove cardinal fans insane.


this allows the cardinals to also open up the 5 to either marco gonzales or carlos martinez.



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Great trade for the cards. They pilfered the braves + we don't have to deal w heyward or walden.


Regarding Shelby Miller, welcome to the division:


Ha, I was at that game. Longest home run I've ever seen in person.


One of my favorite games I've ever attended. So many defensive gems.



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This swap was originated in Uggla deal, I think.


If Braves didn't sign a contract with him. they didn't have to bring Uptons.


Cause of BJ Upton's horrible contract, Braves couldn't have enough money to extend Heyward.


As a result, they choked themselves.



Everything is Dan Uggla's fault.



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