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Hope in Chicago and Miami


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I didn't bother watching the entire Chicago portion because Stanton was first so I did other things afterwards but the Stanton stuff was great. Sooo nice to see us already being presented in a positive light and this is clearly the start of MLB, and not just Miami and our fans, displaying Stanton as one of the big superstars of all of MLB. Refreshing change of pace.



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The entire segment was Stanton. Interesting interview mostly because of the moment he rewatched that fastball to the face. He couldn't even look at the tv playing it, and he mentioned how he still needs some dental surgery and isn't 100% mentally recovered from it. I'm sure he'll play well next season, but everybody is going to watch him very closely after the first fastball up and in to him. I hope he can bounce back from it.


I'll probably watch the Cubs section tomorrow simply because I want to see the Rizzo interview.



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Where can I find the whole episode? I watched the 8 minute clip on MLB.com and tried searching but can't find the rest.




Yeah, I've been having trouble finding it as well. Is it even out on the internet yet? My google searches have come up empty thus far.


Looks like it might be re-aired on MLBN on the 15th.



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All in the meantime, you're fucking Iowa. Sense, not.



I'm confused


Relax bro, he is saying you fornicate with everyone in Iowa.




I wonder how many people Iowa can fit inside himself. Pretty impressive that there is space to fuck them.




There'd be no space left if you got involved though.



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