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Marlins relax facial hair rules


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I felt like they were relaxed with the rule last year. Only people that were actually following it were Dunn and Ozuna. Everyone else had facial hair. Gordon and Stanton still had theirs. 


From the beginning the rule said you could have facial hair as long as it was short and neat and I believe there was a 2 or 3 day restriction like you had to have shaved within a couple days. Bottom line is the rule was never you must be perfectly clean shaven which many thought it was and which is what caused a big uproar over the rule when it was first announced.



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I agree with this. And I'm sure I'll get ripped for this because that's the hip thing to do today but while the rule was unnecessary to begin with, dropping it after one season is almost just as stupid. Having some consistency with these things helps.


This rule is the hitting coach of our rules.



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