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Trade Deadline Approaching


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(Felt like this could be a new thread as most threads lately have gone 10 pages deep and branched off into other conversations...)


Just a few tweets from Craig Mish and Jon Heyman setting up the next 8 days as the trade deadline nears... 








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I'm surprised a player like Castro doesn't generate more interest. He has a 1.5 WAR, he's very solid and in his prime at 28. Fangraphs calculates his value as a FA at 12-13M per year, and he's making 10M with another year of control at 11. Solid pop for a middle infielder.


Glad to see that Ziegler has lots of interest, thankfully he's been much better recently to rehab his value. Hopefully get a couple lottery ticket prospects.


Dietrich on the other hand should've been getting 400-500 at bats a season since 2015. Glad Marlins finally saw the light that he's pretty damn solid. Instead we made the masterful move of trading for Martin Prado (the trade actually was fine). That 3year/40M extension after his first year with us was just so so bad. Now we're paying 13.5M for a .580 OPS and need to pay him 15M next year. But hey, he's a leader! Leadership! Intangibles man. Pay that man 15M for intangibles.



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It's pretty easy.


Definitely move - Barraclough, Dietrich, Ziegler, Maybin, and Castro. First two are having great years for who they are so max out their value as they aren't in a longterm contending plan. Ziegler is part salary dump, part he's been good for the last 6+ weeks and get whatever. Maybin is whatever, clear some space for Dean/Ortega/Sierra/Cooper/Lee/Brinson(DL) and let the kids play. Castro is also part salary dump to get him off the books for next year, and probably get 2 half decent prospect lottery tickets. Rojas and Riddle can man the middle with Diaz primed for an early 2019 call up.


Untradeable - Prado, Chen. Obviously eat all the monies to get rid of them


Move if you get a beneficial package - Realmuto, Bour, Rojas, Straily, Urena, Conley. These guys value isn't changing between now and the winter when you figure out new contract statuses. No reason to move them without obvious replacements, but if you get a positive deal, sure go for it now. As to Realmuto, only entertain discussions if it is 100% determined he won't take a 4-5 year deal after this season.


Don't move - Steckenrider. Is controlled for 5 seasons, this isn't worth it. They need to be keeping guys like this who can blossom into very high end relievers for a long time of control. I considered putting Conley here, but he hits arbitration next year and starts getting a little expensive versus only showing 2 good months as a reliever.



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If the deadline was today, yeah but its a week away. There can be no rumors today and 5 trades over the next week.


I know, but this is the forum. I always prefer to be over negative here. There is talk among dodgers fans that they get one of our three relievers.



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