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Francisco Cervelli Retires

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1 hour ago, CyggyMarlin said:



Get this man a World Series ring... he earned it

That really would be awesome.  He only played on the team for a short time but man was he ever key in keeping us afloat until the regulars started coming back.  You have to wonder what might have been had he not gotten concussed again.  With as well as he was playing I don't think Alfaro would have taken his spot as the starting catcher either.  If he wants to continue working in MLB in some capacity I hope the Marlins immediately reach out and find a way to fit this dude into the organization asap.

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He probably would have been one of the best catchers in baseball had it not been for all of his concussions. He was also pretty damn good in his brief time here. It's a shame his career had to end this way.

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Well, he was great for the Marlins this year in the early part of the season and stepped up when both Alfaro and Wallach were out.

Sad to see him retire, but hopefully we will see him again next year in some type of role on the Marlins or any other team, if that’s what he wants to do.


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3 hours ago, CyggyMarlin said:

Years from now when Miggy Ro is the manager, Cervelli can be his 2nd-in-command

I was thinking that to with Miggy. He definitely will have a job in baseball when his playing days are over. 

Yeah, to bad with Carvelli, best wishes to him. 

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