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How Derek Jeter changed the Marlins' losing culture...


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7 minutes ago, taiwanmarlin said:

He changed the Marlins' losing culture by made it to the playoffs.

Which might not have been possible with the loser's mentality that the previous ownership couldn't shake from this team.

In 2015, Jeff Baker played circus music in the clubhouse and handed out clown noses to the players... it's not said enough how players came to the Marlins expecting nothing but a joke of a team with no real expectations of winning, and then from there there was no accountability to be able to wipe that stench away.

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12 hours ago, Mr. Man said:

I didn't even read the article yet. But one way he changed the culture was by making the situation not about him, but about the baseball and about the organization itself. Unlike some other owner I know.

In reference to this, the article mentions how after Kintzler saved game 2 vs the Cubs he twice passed his hand aggressively over the wordmark across his chest... because the win was about the Marlins, not about Brandon Kintzler.

It's such a small detail but it can make a difference and it's surprises me that this isn't emphasized more by other organizations.

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11 hours ago, SonOfJack said:

Big difference between the Cubs and Rays dances. Cubs do it during the games, Rays did it after they won.

I don't have an issue with either dance though. 

I agree, and although it was outside, the Rays it was more of a club house party. 

Cubs dancing during the game is kinda lame. Also, if they do it after every HR even if they are losing its pretty shameful. 

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