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5/12 Postgame


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We gave the Marlins a choice tonight rather than DEMANDING they win and they decided to win!

Cody "Suck my" Poteet with five solid innings.

Dick Bleier was sexy.

Bass was even good!

Floro, couple of crappy singles but he got out of it.

Yimi made David Peralta his bitch and then Thicc Jesus saved us with that double play snag.

We ams victory!

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  • Michael changed the title to 5/12 Post Game Thread
1 minute ago, Michael said:

Merged em - @rmc523gets thread credit since his thread opened first. ❤️ 

Aw thanks!   Those all important internet points 😛 😛


You get a banana because there's no heart reaction anymore lol.

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What’s up boys? Been reading the comments here for a while finally made an account. 

How about big boy Jag tonight? To think people were mad when we signed him when they found out there was no DH because they thought we were fine with Coop and Lewin. 

Settle your horses buckos and all praise the Jaguar!!! 

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2 minutes ago, SongInTheAir said:

Can we please stop with the Anthony Bass in high leverage late game situations please? God damnit, Mattingly. 

Yes but also no.

(But seriously that should have been Bender instead.)

However if Bass goes to like 70% slider usage ...

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Marlins front office: "Donald, we need you to use Anthony more often. He's really good and should be one of your late inning guys."


Don Mattingly: "yeah, Anthony is so good! I'll keep using him in those tough situations"


Marlins front office: "Keep? Donald, he has only pitched three innings"


Don Mattingly: "no, I have Bass in there all the time"


Marlins front office: "not that Anthony, you fucking idiot. I said the one that's good."

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