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PTI: Marlins Over/Under 60 games?


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I hear even after ALL the trades/etc that Bodog.com has the Marlins 45-1 to wind the Series....and the Orioles at 60-1......both are ridiculous.....Fish should be 150-1 to wint the Series and the O's maybe 75-1 :mischief2


75 win team?????

They won 83 games last year with a starting rotation and a catcher!

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75 win team?????

They won 83 games last year with a starting rotation and a catcher!



But without a third-baseman (Lowell stunk up the place) a short-stop, middle relief or any pitching of consistent quality outside of Beckett and Willis.


Honestly, a bunch of kids giving a crap can't do much worse than we did last year. The only place we're going to be hurt is the bullpen, other than that I don't think we're a historically bad team, just a young team that will be much better in September than it was in April.

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If you guys think they will win over 70 games this year with all the young guys then why all the general pessimism? That's mighty good for a team this young, and there is no reason to not go watch the games.



I would say we don't win more than 60. I'll still watch the games, but losing over 100 at this point is realistic IMO.

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70 wins would have been more interesting.


I think they're a 75 win team.



if you think this team can win 70+ games then you need to get your head checked :whistle


1-no proven players beside willis and cabrera

2-no proven or rookie manager

3-no bullpen

4-no real catcher*no hating on willy but his defense stinks nomatter how u slice it*

5-jacobs at 1st base with no backup vs LHP?conine comes to mind perhaps julio franco,he just signed

6- injuries

7-bunch of good talented minor league players who always dont pan out and the list goes on


yeah you are going to say they are young and are eager to play in the majors but take in to account that as rookie as they are,they'll make alot of mistakes trying to do too much


and last but not least we play within our division arond 72-76 times and all of these teams have improved in the offseason


over 100 loses is more real

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Ok heres the possible lineup next year

1.Reed's seem to have the best chance since we have NO more hitting prospects above AA






7.Andino(2B) why not who else can play it


Pitching Rotation

1.Dontrelle Willis

2. Jason Vargas

3.Scott Olsen

4. Josh Johnson

5. Nic Ungs/Brian Moehler????


Closer Chris Resop/Scott Boyer

Setup see above

7th inning Randy Messenger

This team is just not good enough remember we HAVE to play the Mets, braves, Phillies and Nats 19 times a year thats 76 games against teams that are either slightly or much better at this point so lets say we win 35 of those which is way to high we still are 5 games out of .500 with 80 sum more games to go Im hoping that they can avoid 100 losses past that I really dont know

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