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Whats your Marlins theme Song?


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Guest ShaqandWade323

Masta Ace - Revelations


"At times I don't know who I be

And when I look in the mirror its like I don't know who I see

Am I even moving at all?

Cuz I swear I can't tell if my life is improving at all

Every time I got a pen in my hand

I forget every time before that one has been in my hand

And I write for the moment, get it tight how I want it

Get the right lawyer on it cuz I might wanna own it

I tussle and I fight, I hustle and I write"


Are we even improving this team? Are we gonna move? But we still fight for every win.


"Through it all I weave like the park was here

And shine underground cuz it's darkest there"


The Marlins always shine when people forget about us.


"Y'all industry people should be feeling ashamed

Y'all like "he ain't still in the game, he's stealing the name"

Oh wait just a sec that's straight disrespect

Take sh*t and get and don't be late with the check"


Nobody gives us respect just because some players left but all we need is some money and we're back and here to stay.


"I jump on the track and I ride it through

And do it for the people that are tried and true

But y'all so fickle y'all love me today

And tomorrow love another cat and shove me away

But most ain't committed to do it how I did it

In the way that I did it, in the way that I spit it

It's like my burst of truth and it might hurt the booth

But first the proof, it gave birth to youth"


The Marlins still play hard for the true fans but there are the bandwagoners who come around playoff time but as soon it's done, they go back to rooting for other teams and the last line is perfect.




I owned this thread.

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