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Official 2006 Postseason Prediction Game


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User(s) with the most points gets VIP for a month.


Predict the winners for each divisional series, and championship and get a point for each correct team and 5 bonus points for correctly guessing the amount of games they win in.


ALDS Matchups


Athletics vs Twins

Tigers vs Yankees


NLDS Matchups


Dodgers vs Mets

Cardinals vs Padres


Reply in the following way, here's my entry for the contest to show how:


My Entry - reply like this:



Twins in 5

Yankees in 4


Dodgers in 5

Padres in 5




Twins in 6

Dodgers in 7


World Series


Twins in 6


Total Pts: 0


Predictions must be in before the start of the first divisional round game.

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Guest FishFanInPA

ALDS Matchups


Twins in 4

Yankees in 4


Mets in 4 - 1 pt

Cardinals in 5- 1 pt


Yankees in 6

Cardinals in 6 - 1 pt


Yankees in 5


Total Pts: 3

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