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Semper Fi from Afghanistan *PICS*


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What's going on guys? I'm about 1.5 months into my deployment here in Afghanistan and right now this country for all intents and purposes belongs to my unit and this country is literally the sh*t hole of the world. War and combat is no f***ing joke and when people say it's hell they're not kidding, it doesn't matter how much training you've received or how prepared you think you'll be. A few days ago we just lost our first 2 Marines and the tone of this conflict is totally different than what I could have ever imagined. These are Marines i've seen in the chow hall, have spotted for on the bench press at the gym on base when we got some down time, and just saw on a regular basis and now they're gone. I finally understand what it is that every combat vet has preached since i've been interested in joining the military and now that i'm finally deployed and am now a combat vet myself I understand. Yeah it's nice to say you're here freeing a bunch of oppressed people yadadada, but all that is irrelevant and doesn't mean anything. Once the first IED goes off or the first bullet hits the armor on your humvee and you pop your cherry, the only thing that matters is making sure the Marine on your left and right goes home to their family when this deployment is said and done.


Here are some pictures I took









These are what we roll around in now... Humvee's are a thing of the past.






























Semper Fi

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Watch out for those double IED attacks. Supposedly they've been picking off support forces in that manner.


Of course I'm sure you know much more about it than I do.






Whew, good thing you mentioned that. Those in command probably haven't addressed that issue yet.





Anyway, great pics Accord and what is the card game of choice there? No Limit Texas Hold Em? Whats the max buy in?




Thank you for your service!

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It was announced today that the 24th expeditionary unit of the Marines in Afghanistan will have their tour of duty extended at least a month longer than promised...and we all have heard how casualties have been mounting over there lately.

I believe that this was the unit that Accord was part of.

Here's the story. It mentions the Helmand Province, where Accord said he was going.


As we sit here watching the game comfortably, let's hope Accord is ok.

I'll say a silent prayer for him on July 4th.

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