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4/5 Post Game


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Donnie - scores the tying run on the Infante sac fly and then walks off? Can't ask for more :)


Though Coghlan had a Web Gem catch and LoMo/Gaby were spanking the ball all over the park today.


It's still honestly a crying shame that this game ever went into extras... 2-14 with RISP today.

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Sorry Donnie, but I gotta give this one to the BP. Love the walk off, love Lo Mo showing some power (didn't like his 10th inning swing, but I know he was just trying to let Murphy walk off again so we could hear "Donny Bleeping Murphey" again), and Gaby is, well, Gaby. Just can't wait for Mikey to come back, and I think we'll have a very solid line up (also, wtf with all the men in scoring position fails)John Bucks Grand Slam is wearing off a bit, needs to get a few more hits/rbi's.

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Bullpen got a bit lucky tonight. Got out of some jams, and got some nice defense, specifically on the Morrison play. 4 walks = too many. Leo and, more specifically, Mujica, looked really good, though.


I guess we'll just have to deal with Mike Dunn's walks because they're going to happen. Guess he can even them out with his strikeouts + his stuff is really good and hitters don't seem to make good contact off of him, so whatever.


All in all though, 7 walks from the pitchers tonight is too many. That won't work every night. All in all, it wasn't a great game, but a win is a win.


Also, if Anibal can lower his walk rate, he can be really good. It's nice to see him healthy; I thought he was done when he came back a couple of years ago. Good thing I wasn't the GM making the decision on him; he seems to have his stuff back.

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