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5/02 Post Game

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Great to get the win. I'm expecting some annoucement regarding Bell tommorow, to the DL, trip to Russia something. I like the big guy but he ain't pitching for sh*t.


If Gaby doesn't get out of this slump soon, something needs to happen. Everybody else seems to be heading and the right direction bu Gaby is just sticking there. I'm thinking a couple weeks in Nola migh be the cure.



Sucks Big Z missed out on another win.

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Heath bell has nothing. His fastball was 90-91 and he barely threw a slider.


When I saw him warming up I said he looked worried. He has nothing to get guys out. Last night was lucky.


Either something is wrong or he's lost his talent.


Huge home run from Giancarlo and after that cishek and maybe mujica should be closing until bell proves he can pitch a scoreless inning more than once.

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Bell's not done yet -- you don't give up on $9 million that fast. He's going to get a chance to straighten things out by pitching in earlier innings. Maybe he will, maybe he won't, but unless he really is injured, he's going to be out there pitching again in the next two or three days.

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I can finally go back to thinking my Stanton jersey is good luck! For a while there, I thought I had spent $150 on a jersey that caused Stanton to hit like sh*t. Every time I wore it, we lost the game. I was nervous about wearing it tonight, but I watched the game at a bar and wanted to represent. Rubbed his name, called the home run, and he delivered. I CAN FINALLY START WEARING IT AGAIN!!

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Nice to win again, but once again, not a win to be too happy about.


Marlins really showed they improved their patience at the plate as they were able to draw 10 walks (7 from Zito), but the bats were silent yet again as they got just 5 hits. And more importantly, they failed yet again with RISP going 0 for 8. The team's season BA with RISP is now under .200. If not for a bit of fortune on the bobbled double play ball that led to the first run and the nasty spin on the ground ball to second which led to the second run-the Marlins would have been shutout (game would have ended in the bottom of the 9th, theoretically).


As far as Bell goes-I'm honestly starting to think it's about time we move him from the closing role until he figures things out (put Cishek there in the meantime).


Nice to see Stanton continue his great hitting with a 3 hit game.


Zambrano was awesome again-I'm very happy with how the rotation has pitched so far this season.

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