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Tino resigns

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It recently came to Redmond's attention that Martinez put his hands around Derek Dietrich's neck less than a week after his arrival in the big leagues.


A stunned Dietrich was at a loss about how to handle the situation. He chose to keep quiet and somehow managed to produce despite unimaginable duress.


Dietrich ultimately relayed the story to Redmond at his request. One other person witnessed what happened in the batting cage and corroborated Dietrich's account.


Last week, Martinez and Redmond engaged in a verbal altercation. Redmond has made it clear to management he wants Martinez out. Martinez was not Redmond's hitting coach choice, a point that's stuck in Martinez's craw. A source said several hitters have complained about Martinez's demeanor and abusive behavior.

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Loria wouldn't let him resign. Nice.



Tino doesn't want to resign from what I've read cause then we won't get paid. Loria right now doesn't want to fire him and be on the hook for the 3 year contract he gave him.



I understand it's a money thing, but that shouldn't matter if he actually did what was alleged. Dietrich is a bigger man than I if that really happened and he did keep his cool. F*** Martinez if this story is true, he should be gone.

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So, you allegedly put your hands around a player's neck, threaten him and others, constantly get into altercations, and you expect to keep getting paid? Tino is an idiot and hopefully they can somehow relieve him of his duties and contract with little to no money.


Of course, this only applies if true.

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