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Billy Hamilton


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Look, I know that trading Stanton would be devastating to this club. But what if the guy refuses to sign with us? In that case, I say we send him to Cincinnati for Billy Hamilton, Robert Stephenson and a catching prospect. Put Billy in CF, lead him off, and let him break Henderson's SB record. Keep Pierre around, even as a coach if necessary, to help him focus on making contact and being a major league leadoff man. Obviously the kid doesn't need baserunnng help...


No, I don't want to trade Stanton. But if we have to, why not bring in a guy who may become the most exciting baserunner in years here?


PS By the way, I'm not sold on Marisnick...

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If the Marlins traded Stanton for Hamilton, they'd have a line-up like teams used to have in 1907.



We could bring back the baltimore chop.



Need to install Astro-turf, and then close the roof permanently. Just cause.

Hamilton is so fast, he could probably chop one off the plate and end up with a double.


Also, no to this trade.

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Normally I'd agree with all of you. I hate the idea of trading Stanton. Ever. I'm not the trade real players for prospects guy, just the opposite - just ask BroncoBob, who would remember me from the old Aol Marlins Board.

But here's the thing: it's not just that we don't have power, it's that the non-power we don't have doesn't do much of anything else. Hech can play great SS, but doesn't hit yet. We need actual hitters all over the place. The club probably wants Mathis to catch the kids again next year, so that can't be helped. 3B needs a short-term upgrade, and we need someone - hopefully Dietrich - to play 2B and hit. I'd like them to sign Abreu to play 1B. Trouble is asking anyone to sign here and asking Loria to spend money are both troubling propositions.


So, if we can't keep Stanton, who else can we get who would make sense? The corner OFs are set in Yelich and Ozuna. Hech is going to play SS unless he hits .220-.230 forever. 3B is being held for Moran. That leaves 1B, C, 2B, and CF. Unless Marisnick improves, and the experts are mixed on whether this is possible, this trade brings in your CF and leadoff hitter, positions we haven't really filled since Pierre was dealt away. So, who you going to get for Stanton? Who really has a shot to be something? I'm all ears.

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I want them to trade Stanton. Not because I want him to go, but because trading Stanton after refusing to even consider giving him an arbitration buyout when he was still cheap and then most likely lowballing him in negotiations and then saying "well, we offered, he just wouldnt take it!" and trading him away for not much just to get out of paying him...might finally force MLB and Seligs hands and force them to remove Loria and make him sell the team.


It would suck to lose Stanton, but for the long term viability of the franchise, it might be worth it.

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