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Beinfest, Fleming fired


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I wanted a front office shakeup, but not like this. It seems Loria is getting rid of Beinfest because he wants a yes man. So this is going to suck even more because LORIA SIGNED DOBBS FOR 1.7 MILLION. Imagine what he is going to do next.



Extend Solano and Hech. Gotta sign that young talent when it's cheap.

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What the hell, Fleming got fired? He's been responsible for doing some great scouting for the squad. I knew Beinfest would be shown out the door, but let's give big ol' boot to the guy who got Fernandez/Yelich/Moran as his last three first round picks (not to mention finding late round diamonds in the rough).


I can't say anything about Loria that hasn't already been said. This is his team, as sad as that sounds.

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