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2014 Slogan Nominations


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It's time for the 12th Annual Slogan Nominations. The winning slogan will be the slogan for the 2014 Season. This is just for nominations, so please do not nominate something already nominated. We'll have several rounds of voting following these nominations.


You may nominate as many slogans as you want but please do them all in one post. Edit your original post if necessary.


No profanity is allowed in the slogans (even censored). I reserve the right to not accept any slogan. I will not include any that are obviously joke submissions so if you want to waste your time, go right ahead.


Also, the following slogans are not permitted as they were already used.


2003 - Catch Us If You Can

2004 - In Jack We Trust

2005 - The Hunt for A Teal October

2006 - True Fans Never Die

2007 - Reeling In Respect

2008 - Building The Future

2009 - Fishing For October

2010 - The Future Begins Now

2011 - The Teal Finale

2012 - Making Waves

2013 - Fishing For Talent


If your slogan is selected as the winner, you will receive 6 months of VIP as a prize. VIP benefits can be found here.


Please only post your slogans, all other posts will be removed as to make it easier for me to find the slogans.

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"Bro, it's baseball. It happens"


Adjusted to


"It's baseball, Bro."


Bit More positive


"Bring 'em up, Send' em down"


Take that as you will (referring to opposing batters, but for you negative Nancy's out there can also relate to young prospects).


"Miami Marlins: Full of Energy!"


" The next Generation"

"The new Generation "

" The Evolution"

"The Evolution is Here"

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