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Ed Lucas to the Texas Rangers.

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This barely registers as a shrug of a move. The guy's a AAA lifer, who cares.


The bigger scandal was this team paying Rafael Furcal $3.5 mil, and nothing coming of that, to the surprise of no one. We were literally the only team offering him a major league deal coming off of a bad injury and missing an entire season at age 35, because Loria must have thought he was getting age 25 Furcal or something. He was the 6th highest paid guy on the team this season and he made all of 35 ABs.


The entire operation of the FO this season was bizarre. Giving actual MLB money to has-beens like Furcal, Gregg, and Penny still boggles my mind.


I'm also not very keen on the reports I'm hearing that the team is mostly targeting pitching again this offseason, when the team is in bad need of decent infield bats. We have gaping holes at 2B and SS, with middling performance from 1B and C. I'm anticipating a down year next year for McGehee, since he had his best statistical season (although with his power completely disappearing), and I don't see him replicating that. But hopefully I'm wrong.



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One thing I hope with McGehee is that he kinda pulls an Ozuna. Ozuna's power disappeared when he made the Majors in 2013, but this year, he hit 23 bombs. McGehee has shown an ability to hit 25+, so maybe in 2015 he'll hit at least 15. It's possible. Unlikely, but possible.


I doubt he'll hit for average again like in the first half, but can definitely see the power. Hopefully. Dude drove in a good amount of runs without power, let's see what happens!



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I just hope they don't extend a guy who is almost 32. Would have made sense to deal him mid-season, and pave the way for Moran to come up by next opening day or mid season 2015, but now that's not an option. Not sure why this FO likes dealing third basemen to the Astros.


At least this trade was more useful. We got a contributor rather than Carlos Lee.



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Good dude. A couple of you read my little tale back in February of how Ed Lucas, in just a matter of seconds, was the coolest guy on Earth to my son in his first experience meeting a big league player. I'm forever grateful for that moment. Thanks Ed, my family and I will miss u for that moment above any other.


I do remember that. Great moment, and thank you for sharing that with us.



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