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Jose Urena as a setup man?

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I think this is a good move.  I can see some diet Naftali Feliz possibilities.  He doesn't really have the arsenal to go multiple times through the lineup.  I actually don't know his numbers for first/second time through the order, but I still think guys like him end up faring better as bullpen arms. However, to contradict myself, he's never really had the kind of strikeout numbers you'd want in a shut-down reliever, and he showed some pretty bad control in the bigs last year.  Meh, still better than Dunn.



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Guest Vince0926
This is something Tastee would have never figured out to try.


Basically in 6 weeks, Donnie Baseball discovered what Tastee couldnt figure out.  That Urena sucks as a starter.


How are you a moderator again?



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This ones tough for me. I think Urena could definitely thrive in the setup man role and would be a welcome addition to the bullpen this season.


But I also think there's still opportunities with Urena as a starter, and there is a chance that this could hinder his progress. If the team sees a future with him as a starter, it would be better to put Urena in AAA getting regular starts and have Bear Claw in the 'pen for 2016.


It all comes down to what you see Urena as down the line. I don't mind the move, since I think Urena's ceiling may be limited and his abilities are better suited in short doses.


Should be noted that Urena struggled both as a starter AND in the bullpen last season. The smart move is to put him in AAA for half the season, but there could be big reward with him.



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