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Junichi Tazawa designated for assignment

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With that salary and that lack of talent, he might be the fastest player to ever clear waivers.


29 baseball GMs right now: "Nah dawg"


So how long will Tazawa be a Baby Cake before the Marlins FO claims he's "fixed" something and he's right back up in the bullpen as Donnie's favorite reliever? 



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Dustin McGowan was also released. (Whom'st I didn't even know was with the organization again.)


So...Tazawa DFA and plus there was already a free spot on the 40, meaning two spots on the 40 are available.


Tazawa DFA plus Cloyd option means two spots on the 25 must be filled tomorrow.


Who's coming up? Conley? Richards? Peters? Alcantara? Riddle? Lee? Sierra? Naylor? Kolek? Paddack? 



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Too bad Derek Jeter is purposely tanking this season and won't do anything to improve the on field product. 


Marlins add Derek Jeter (#2) to the 40-man roster and select his contract. Jeter will start Friday's game on the mound. The Yankee legend was quoted, saying "no way Shohei!"



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This is such amazing news!  FINALLY!  First I thought it was a hoax when I saw the thread title. I am SO glad to see this is real world!  Amen!



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