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9/10 Marlins vs Phillies - Game 1 of a 7 game series


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Realistic: Marlins win the series 4-3, have a record of 23-22 and are a half game back of the Phillies with 15 games to go in the season.

Nice if it happened: Marlins win the Series 5-2, have a 24-21 record and are in second place in the NL East.

Ideal situation: Marlins go 6-1 in series, have a 25-20 record, and establish themselves in second place in the East and have great shot at catching the Braves.

What I want to happen: Marlins win the series 7-0, Braves lose next 6 of 7, Marlins first in the East, Phillies 3rd.


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