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7/4 at Braves - 1:20 p.m.


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1 hour ago, pollythewog said:

Holly is having one of his best announcer games I’ve heard from him. Thoroughly enjoying him today 

I did appreciate he was so outraged over Pablo being tossed in game 1, he was genuinely outraged.  Usually, he's apologetic even when they clearly blow a call on replay that goes against the Marlins.  So hearing him actually angry for ONCE was a good thing.  That's actually one of my biggest, if not THE biggest knock against him - he just won't call it like it is.  I dont think there's a rule saying a ball that was called strike 3 should not have been called as such but man, he is so hesitant to call it like it is and it drives me insane.  I guess we were all just spoiled by T-Hut for so damn long.  Tommy probably would have had a heart attack on air during the Pablo fiasco. 

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