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  1. It looked the Madden curse had finally ended since the cover athlete was retired, but it looks like Brett Favre wanted to keep the curse alive. Anywho, no Madden for me this year. I'll just play the Wii version on a friend's system. I may rent it over break, but in fall that game will eat too much of my time.
  2. Look at that perfect game in after 7...very nice. It's still a perfect game as of right now. Good job...... :|
  3. This really screws the Yankees. It's going to be extremely hard to keep pace with the Beams of Sunlight and the Red Sox without pretty much their best starter.
  4. He's cheap but I voted for Loria. I can't believe Wayne got three votes. Ugh. I voted for Wayne. He's the one who actually brought a franchise here and he did win a world series. John Henry was ..... and Loria is just the laughing stock of the league.
  5. How the hell are you talking about settling for 2 of 3, we've only won 1 game so far.
  6. Oh man, Favre on the Jets. Please Mr. Matt Roth, rip this clown to shreds.
  7. This is such perfect casting. Depp's the kind of actor who can really own a role like this.
  9. Miami Marlins, Miami Marlins, Miami Marlins #1! What, I had to. Oh, Miami has the Marlins, the greatest baseball team! We hit the ball from pole to pole like no one's ever seen! We're in the box, we're on the mound, we're always in control!
  10. Did anyone here Kruk when they were re-enacting Hanley's base hit last night? Kruk:"Well if he's a fast player, which Hanley Ramirez is, you play in." .."And if he's a power hitter,(looks like he's about to puke, and lets out a sigh) which Ramirez also is, you play back.." I don't get it. So he's mad that Hanley is awesome? Precisely.
  11. This would be relevant if he said this a month ago.
  12. Miami Marlins, Miami Marlins, Miami Marlins #1! What, I had to. Oh, Miami has the Marlins, the greatest baseball team!
  13. The Nats are a sub .500 because we made put them in their place.
  14. This has been suggested so, so many times and never happened.
  15. Athletics + Angels - - Angels- 12 Athletics - 9 Mariners - 17 Rangers - 24 Royals - 18 Tigers - 17 Twins - 21
  16. You'd think "Marlins WorldSeriesDestiny" would be a bit more optimistic, amirite?
  17. Welcome to politics in America. Gore loses 2000 election because he is persona is not as good as Bushs. Kerry goes to a war and gets shot and he is slandered into being a coward. Policy does not play a central role in politics because the American people can be retarded. The media feeds this retardeness. Obama is an extremely intelligent person with a strong grasp of the issues and what policies he wants to undertake. He has to work within the system though. Don't sit here and pretend this is all new. I think most Americans would like the candidates to focus more on things that matter, it's the media that's retarded.
  18. Duuuuude, how can you pick Jim Rome this one? That show is in-cred-able, un-stop-able, count-choc-ula. Haha, hysterical, I crack myself on that one. Stay tune for Around the Horn I am out.
  19. The one that didn't kill Heath Ledger.
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