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  1. A sunday afternoon would be best for me. The 10th like I offered before would be great.
  2. I think linear algebra is about the only class I've taken not in the CS track. I got most everything else done before coming here. You guys want to catch a game Sunday, July 10th? Public House is only place I've been to on this side of town, but I don't know how good that would be for a game. There's that burger place on campus next to the arena that might be good.
  3. Best season in a long time. Lit about the only redeeming quality the past two seasons was Oberyn. I was thinking of not bothering with this season but glad I did. It was more "predictable", but throwing curveballs for the sake of throwing curveballs is dumb and it's good to finally see things starting to come together and actually starting to get to the meat and potatoes of the plot. The directing (the Tommen scene) and musical score (the trial scene) of that episode were so prime.
  4. Comp Sci. That would be rather hilarious. What are you studying?
  5. :high5 There's obviously going to be a bubble aspect but i lit don't think I've met someone that wasn't engineering, psychology, or med.
  6. Hint: it's what everyone here studies
  7. The trade was prior to 2013, not 2012. Thor was a top-30 and Sanchez a top-40 while Nicolino was at best top-75
  8. Yeah, I just transferred here in the fall.
  9. If it wasn't for Jose, this season would be getting close to going full 2007 rotation. At the point now of calling up Chris Seddons and Daniel Barones Kind of surprised they didn't go with Chris Reed, with how good he's been recently (0.84 ERA/2.50 FIP and 27/7 K/BB in his last 5 starts/32 IP).
  10. I didn't realize anyone else went to UCF. Do you go here too? We should all get together for a game.
  11. I don't think I've ever purchased anything off Ticketmaster, but I did have an account and I got two free tickets, plus a discount code. Cool
  12. It's all in the HR. He's posting among his best K/BB of his career. And considering his HR rates were considerably lower in a hitters ball park in the AL east, I think they'll go down here. He's been really bad so far, but two months is a bit early to say a multi year contract is a bust.
  13. Thinking that the fact that it's common place isn't proof of it still being a problem is rather solipsistic thinking. And molded solipsistic thinking is just about the saddest.
  14. Congratulations! And I'm glad you're such a forward thinker that "that's how I was raised" is enough justification for your thoughts and opinions. Who would actually want to be their own person? We should all allow ourselves to be molded by thousands of year old doctrine upheld by a group rapt with corruption. They'll know what's best for us. Self actualization is satan talk.
  15. You act like your family's actions have no affect on your cousin. I feel very bad that he had to go through that, and I hope he's found happiness despite his family's bigotry
  16. Woke up at 6am from my sister calling to make sure I was okay. Death count was only 9. Unreal watching it go up through the day. None of my friends were there but I have friends of friends still unaccounted for...
  17. Nny


    So like leveling up and with AI? That has me a bit less interested then, actually. Why does everything have to have RPG elements now a days?
  18. Nny


    That just made me nostalgic for quake 3 days when you'd turn the quality all down to the lowest setting and change the enemy's model to the big fat robot and it's skin to bright yellow so it could be easily seen
  19. Nny


    Man, joining the theme, last game I bought was L4D2 and I haven't gamed in yearsss. But this one actually interest me. Basically an updated TF2, yeah? I doubt I'll get it honestly but it's really been the only thing to interest me in a long time
  20. Well, Buster Posey is the best framer in the league. I'd take Buster Posey over Realmuto
  21. Nny

    6/9 Postgame

    Yeah, McGowan in a tie game and Ramos in an 8 run game. You gotta love that. So good to see Ozuna break out after the past few frustrating years. Seriously might have a higher WAR this year than the previous 3 combined.
  22. Not one of the worst, the worst. It's something the Marlins don't care about at all. Basically everybody they have gone out and gotten - like Salty, Telis, Buck, Brantly - have been among the worst at pitch farming. Which is then one of those frustrating things when you're like "they can take advantage of another team who'd ignore that aspect of the game" and realize that they are that team so yeah, good luck
  23. I except that that was a pretty bad error their, had a pretty big affect on the meaning. I appreciate you're correction.
  24. I mean, the Yankees didn't give up much for him, and that was for a full season Of coarse, the "not much for him" would be a couple players that would be among our best prospects if they were in our system. But it's not like, say, Jarlin Garica and Austin Dean are all that important. I'm also pro moving Naylor if the right move shows itself, as his skill set of low stirke out, low walk, high power rates has a pretty big burn out rate. But he's also young enough so the patience may still come.
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