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  1. You shouldn't expect much from him lol
  2. I mean, players already taking a lot of "unnatural" substances. The stigma about PEDs is mostly old Olympic propaganda shit. There's nothing dangerous about them when taken properly by an adult. The biggest one is certainly illegal substances, to the point where you have something like Kenny Rodgers in the world series a few years ago and LaRussa just asked him to wash it off because they didn't want their side being called on it too. Sign stealing is pretty hilarious also in that regards, since there's acceptable breaking the rules and unacceptable breaking the rules
  3. I mean jesus I'm very near his size. Yeah he's more cut than me but I'm also not a professional athlete, it's his job to work out. Going from 140's to 170's in several years is absolutely nothing when you're that small. I brought up GOMAD just as a means of how ridiculously easy it is to put on weight when he was that skinny. Can you question his performance before? Sure. But you shouldn't automatically retroactively apply it, especially with something so easily gained naturally Personally, I assume it's more of a new thing - he plateaued and wanted to push past it.
  4. There's a whole game within the game of baseball surrounding cheating...
  5. I didn't say he shouldn't be punished. Even though I think the rule is stupid, rules are rules. I'm saying that I don't see why so much other cheating is "okay" and ignored and in fact some encouraged, but you do this and everything is tarnished. Most of which coming from propaganda of old olympic shit. Sure context and blah blah blah but you can't say "I hate cheaters" and then pick and choose
  6. From 2011 to 2014. That's not a crazy weight gain in three years, since 144 is real skinny at his height. GOMAD would have gotten him that weight lol.
  7. There's a lot of leaps of logic and assumptions built into that. What about all the other cheating that goes on in a game? He does that, he's scrappy. He does this, he's a thief.
  8. I think this should barely affect your judgement of his character. The black and white nature that we want to view other people as is foolish
  9. I don't believe in his defense, nor do I believe in Bour, so I've always wanted him 1b glad he'll get a chance though
  10. I would hope Hood or Scruggs, especially with the way Johnson has struggled 10 Bucks says it'll be Kelly though, especially since he's a LH bat
  11. The correlation is "villain" status. (which, I don't agree with any "villain" status and, for as much as I'm deriding what I consider worse behavior, America's viewpoint of evil and justice is sickening to me) And as he said, so much other cheating happens that nobody cares about. Stealing signs? Who cares. Illegal substances? Well our guys do it too, just don't make it obvious. Amphetamines in your coffee? Hey, who doesn't do that. Too much pine tar on your bat? Hey, welcome to the HOF and a clip that's memorable because of the reaction, not because you cheated. But steroids and 3k hits?
  12. You're able to put one of the things I'm trying to say a lot more coherently than I am
  13. And I don't disagree really with what you're saying. It's the people acting liking he's some super horrible human being. Disappointing? Sure. But the enmity towards him is staggering and I feel mostly unjustified.
  14. Word I'm kind of all over the place 1) Players do a lot worse things that actually make them worse people, but fan's don't give a shit (again, this is at least changing now-a-days). Yet players who do nothing wrong to others are evil (this is especially WTF??? when it comes to things like anti-media or counter-culture personalities) 2) There's nothing inherently wrong with steroids, they're against the rules become of patriotic propaganda. Again, sure, rules are rules but it's still a bullshit rule, so saying he's evil for some bullshit rule is whatever. 3) A LOT of cheating happens.
  15. This I do agree with. Didn't MIL try to get out of Braun's contract and fail? That was surprising to me.
  16. Hahaha "what was dee's explanation" ...make a disappointed face and fade to black
  17. Which, this saves the club some 1.25 million.
  18. To me, it's more about the contract
  19. The thing with steroids isn't "strength", it's recovery. Steroids would help him, without a doubt. Not in the "I can hit 70 home runs now lol" sense, but in that he's body is going to recover a lot better from the grind of a season. And muscle still has a lot to with speed.
  20. Shit you don't take asprin? I don't disagree with the bolded part. But we're not the Marlins organization. He is not our employee. All he is to us is a human being tring to be the best he can be for our entertainment. God forbid he tried his best to live up to that. My problem isn't just the propaganda around steroids, it's the social stigma of them v.s. other cheating methods. Especially since so much cheating is "okay" in baseball
  21. Shit ton of cheating happens in baseball though, and it's okay because "unspoken rules" or I don't know some stupid shit
  22. Right, that's kind of what I mean though. When you're 6'6 like Stanton, you don't need shit. Allegedly*, Gordon's 5'11 and 170. I'm 5'11 and 160 and I'm barely at intermittent strength standards and my body is wrecked after an especially heavy work out. That's the kind of guy that needs help, the guy who's not genetically gifted in strength and endurance *I'd kind of be surprised if Gordon was actually bigger than me
  23. I'm turning it into other stuff because it's bothered me for years how much Miggy is revered here, and how many other sport stars are in the general public eye, after they've been arrested for domestic abuse and no one gives a shit. Yet a super competitive guy (which, you basically can only become a professional athlete by being super competitive) does what he can to be the best that he can (which is exactly what the public wants) and he's the worst thing ever. Even though so much other cheating happens in sports, especially baseball. There's the "approved" cheating, and the "unapproved." F
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