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  1. They can always sign marte in the off-season
  2. They should be all in for Correa this winter. Whether they will or won't remains to be seen.
  3. The catcher free agent market is even less appealing. Taylor I can't see leaving the Dodgers though. Also not really sure you want him in CF full time in general, but thats a different story. Marlins would be far better off trading for a CF with their pitching depth. Signing Sandy to an extension. Seeing if Rogers would be open to an early extension and signing him. Signing Pablo to an extension. Going from there.
  4. The Luzardo trade was a real nice get. one of the top 5 gets in the entire trade deadline. Thats the kind of player you take a risk with, if he pans out you are a genius. If he isnt more than a back end starter or worse, then so be it. No big deal. The other trades were generally meh, but the guys they moved were also pretty meh. The Payton Henry get I thought was the second best of their entire trade season. I hope he gets a little time in the bigs in September.
  5. But yes, like I've said, Sherman is cheaper and more miserly than Jeff Loria.
  6. Center Fielders Jackie Bradley Jr. (32) — player option Delino DeShields (29) Ian Desmond (36) — $15MM club option ($2MM buyout) Jarrod Dyson (37) Leury Garcia (31) Brett Gardner (38) Billy Hamilton (31) Odubel Herrera (30) — $11.5MM club option ($2.5MM buyout) Ender Inciarte (31) — $9MM club option ($1.025MM buyout) Jake Marisnick (31) Starling Marte (33) Kevin Pillar (33) Danny Santana (31) Michael A. Taylor (31) Because THATS your free agent class in center field
  7. Marlins have nothing for Duvall in 2 months. They at least have a catcher that cant really catch nor hit consistently, but its still better than having nothing.
  8. I dont see the free agency market really doing ANYTHING until the CBA is resolved.
  9. If MLB wanted to move the Marlins to whereever and the Rays to Miami, I'm sure there would be some agreeable path honestly that wouldnt actually cost any real money to the Rays or MLB from Miami.
  10. Well... Dbacks supposedly werent looking to move Marte. The get would have been pretty fucking massive as well. More then one pitching prospect for him. It takes two to tango. And who the fuck actually cares about bench depth in a lost season. Address that in the winter, you dont address that when you are a losing team in July. Thats dumb.
  11. Since the Dodgers found the lost Wallach, are they going to return him? Take him to a shelter? What exactly are they doing here?
  12. its dependent on his control, it was improving last year before he went down. a young pitcher with control issues, golly gee. having a good defense behind you though is quite helpful. oh and alex reyes looks poised to join the rotation as well.
  13. good. then they needed another catcher anyway.
  14. he has also been hurt until about a week ago, fwiw.
  15. the number of pitcher injuries from hitting and running the bases is stupid this year. And completely 100% preventable by MLB. Not to mention pitching hitting has been worse than ever this year it seems.
  16. so? Wallach would be much more likely to be DFA'd
  17. It should also be noted the one knee style of catching with no men on base especially isnt that wild. Many catchers are doing it now as it saves the knees generally. What is a bit more wild is doing it with men on base. Need eye balls on that to see how he actually performs.
  18. Why? He is their best defensive catcher BY FAR.
  19. Probably about the same level as Alfaro. I guess.
  20. Jackson is destined to be a decent backup. Good pop in his bat. Less consistent contact. Decent defensively. Still not really sure what the point of this trade actually is.
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