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Spooney pulled early in rehab inning


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I just got back from tonight's Hammerheads game, and I'm saddened to report that Spooney's rehab start tonight in Jupiter ended abruptly after 4 batters faced and only one out recorded.


After hitting the second batter he faced with a pitch, then striking out the next batter, his control started to deteriorate progressively to the point where he almost beaned the next batter with a fastball (batter ducked just in time; ball hit the bat instead for a foul).


After a brief conference on the mound, Tim came out of the ballgame, holding his elbow and quite visibly distraught. He sat in the dugout with his head down and his hands covering his face.


Alfonseca (who also pitched tonight; more on that later) walked all the way from the bullpen to the dugout to check on his teammate. Finally, Tim was walked back to the clubhouse, still pretty upset.


That's all I know about that for now. More on this game and Pulpo's rehab inning HERE.

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I was at the Hammerhead game as well and Spooney was pitching great until he got hurt. He had great velocity on his fastball ( 90-93) and a good changeup.


He is going for a MRI in the morning. I did hear that this pain was different than before.

Lets hope for the best!!

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Is this even surprising to anyone? Keep on sitting and getting paid with that nice contract, Spooney.


That's really nice...especially since he doesn't make that much.


And you are probably someone very high on Lowell huh?


Why is there such a big problem? I've never liked the guy, and I thought the Braves were lucky to dump him on us. The reason I say its a nice contract is because who wouldn't want to get paid that much to sit on their ass all the time? And while I wish him well health, he's been on the DL longer than he hasn't been in his career, and I just think its hopeless.

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