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Who is your favorite Marlins fan/vendor?

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Guest marlins02

i just remembered some classic moments with Eli at the stadium. they were talking about some guy and he goes "oh ****? thtas my n***a, he was even there when i lost my virginity." :lol :lol :lol :lol there was also the time he saw some girl we were all checking out and without even saying a word he started humping the air, motherf***er looked like a f***ing giraffe. :lol :lol


the strip club stories are even better. :lol :lol

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Guest Juanky

Anyone who voted for sign man aka Don Sutton sucks. He kills rallies with his stupid signs that have no humor. I will hold this opinion until he comes up with a good sign, like OMGWTFBBQ.


I vote for the guy in the Tank that goes "Ice Cold Beer HEEEYAAAH!" I haven't seen him in a while, though.

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no contest -


CliffsGirl aka ReggiesGirl...




all-time classics include the "Golden Girls" from the upper deck &


Muscle Boy!






I vote for "Girl with the teal cowboy hat that seems to be everywhere."


I remember the Golden Girls and Muscle Boy. Classic! There was also the gorilla man who was always sat in the fish tank. I got a kick out of that.

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Who's Peanut Guy?


There's one guy with peanuts who likes to dance during every break. I mean, he does the same exact dance every time, but it's always amusing. He's also out there in the club section during rain delays, sometimes dancing in the rain. So, that's cool. I like him.


But my fave is Elephant Man. He's been around forever, and he is everywhere. Dolphins games, someone mentioned the Orioles spring training games. I also saw him once at the amphiteater up in West Palm, whatever the hell that thing is called these days.

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