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Q&A with John Baker


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Yesterday I conducted a Q&A with John Baker. I'd like to thank John again for doing this, it was very kind of him. I recommend you take a look at John's site at JohnBakerBaseball.com


Here are the questions and John's answers:


MB.com: How's your recovery going and do you have any guess on when Marlins fans can expect to see you back on the field?


John: The recovery has been a difficult process. I'm planning on playing tomorrow night for the hammerheads. If all goes well I may have a chance to be back next week.


MB.com: Who has been your favorite Marlins pitcher to catch during your career in Florida?


John: I don't really have a favorite pitcher . I think that I learned a lot in my first season in the big leagues from both Kevin Gregg and Arthur Rhodes. They were two experienced guys that shared a wealth of pitching knowledge with me. It is always important that I treat every pitcher as my favorite so that when I catch them they can have their best chance at success.


MB.com: What has been your favorite moment as a Marlin thus far?


John: This one is very easy. My first Major League hit was a homerun off of Chan Ho Park at Dodger Stadium, that is hands down the best moment of my baseball career.


MB.com: Is platooning with Paulino an ideal situation for you or would you prefer to be more of an everyday catcher?


John: I think that every player will tell you that he wants to play everyday. The ideal situation for me would be to play in any role on a Marlin's team that makes the playoffs and then wins the World Series. I'm happy just to play major league baseball.


MB.com: In 2005 the Marlins claimed you off waivers, but you then returned to the A's a month later via waivers. A year later, you were traded to the Marlins. How would you describe that back and forth experience?


John: After the Marlins claimed me off waivers, I was waived and claimed back by the A's. It wasn't really a back and forth experience because it took place during the off-season and I never even left my home in California. I was initially excited thinking that Florida would be a better opportunity for me to get to the big leagues, turned out I was right, it just took 3 years!!


MB.com: What is your favorite stadium to visit, and why?


John: Easy, San Francisco. I attended Cal Berkeley and my family lives in northern California. When we head to the west coast I get to see the family and friends. It is easily my favorite road trip.


MB.com: Ever since a Pujols' backswing gave you a scar on your forehead, you have switched to the hockey style mask behind the plate. Do you ever see yourself returning to the older style and is there anything you miss about that older style?


John: I don't see myself heading back soon. The newer hockey style helmets are much safer, offering better protection against both bats and balls, as well as providing a broader field of vision. I think that within the next 20 or so years the only place you will find the old style mask is in a display in Cooperstown.


MB.com: Outside of baseball, what are some of your favorite activities?


John: Outside of baseball I am very interested in helping the community. Through baseball I have been able to visit troops in Iraq and Kuwait as well as help fund raise for the Marlins' "Homes For Haiti" project. Any readers can help by texting "Haiti" to 25383 to make a $10 donation, standard messaging rates apply. It is scary how close the country of Haiti is to Miami. The flight only lasts an hour and fifteen minutes. I think that many people don't realize how close this devastated country real is to us. I'm very proud to be part of this project because the Marlins, along with Food for the Poor will really make a difference.

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MarlinsBaseball.com: Leading the league in interviews with Marlins catchers who for some reason are not playing. Paulino is next.



Seriously though, good job Admin. Can I suggest that next time you manager to interview a Marlin (how long has it been since the Jorgensen interviews?) you ask the board for potential question? I think that'd be cool.

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Regarding Baker's return:


John Baker (elbow) did not feel good after his second rehab game Saturday and will be slowed down temporarily.

Baker has been out since May with a strained flexor tendon in his right elbow. Unless there's something serious going on, he should be good to go by early September. The catcher has only 78 at-bats this year

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