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McGehee Traded to Giants

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They probably should trade him but I doubt it happens. Prado will probably be a "utility starter" if you will. Like he'll be our third baseman until someone needs a day off at another position and that's when Prado takes that position and McGehee then plays third. Therefore McGehee is still on the team, Prado plays more often, and McGehee stays as insurance for Morse at first.

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Teams aren't dumb he isn't getting us back anything significant unless you shop him along with another player. Id keep him and have a nice looking bench. He would be good insurance for 3b, 1b and even 2b.








Backup OF signing


spring training invitee who earns a roster spot


Thats a nice looking bench there.



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One thing I'd like to see is moving McGehee for a prospect or two. The farm is incredibly stripped after all this trading and it wasn't a great minor league system in the first place.


Also, it's not a stretch to think Dietrich can produce similar to McGehee as a backup bat.



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I know I said it in the other thread but what about mcgehee and Koehler or hand for lincecum and 9 million? The giants have to be desperate for a 3rd baseman at this point and we have the last one that might be available. I guess any rational decision still can't be made until harden shits or gets off the pot.

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