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4/12 Post Game


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Guest Vince0926

yup. the preaching of I can't think of an original thought is paying off as this really doesn't look like the same marlins play ive seen in years prior. everytime I look up, runners are on base, bases loaded, good at bats, grind out victories. its quite awesome.


that first inning could have gone haywire and the conforto double play told me that momentum was going to swing in our favor.



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Winning contests against Matz and Syndergaard is great to have on the record. Winning our first series against the defending National League Champions is also a great confidence booster.


And Dee Gordon has become my favorite player. I often wish this team had more plate discipline and power, but on day's where Jose is pitching and the bullpen somehow holds things together well, I can overlook that.



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Mostly because of all of our pitching troubles but so far all of our wins have really felt like "team wins" ...it's taken so many contributors to get these wins. and I mean that in a good way, in a positive team chemistry building way. There hasn't really been any one person carrying the entire team.



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Phelps was huge.  What great at-bats those were just to scratch out 2 runs against that good pitching.  DD with another big hit.  Great game.


And we love to rip him but Mathis always seems to get the results.


Mathis is the secret weapon



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