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Through all the turmoil this season, one man has been the shining star for the Marlins: YELICHHHHHH.


His slash line for the season sits at .304/.379/.489, with a 134 wRC+. He has posted a career high of ISO of .187 and has hit 18 of his career 38 home runs this season.


Ozuna is having a gret season too. With Stanton coming back by the end of the month, hopefully hte outfield squad will be back to perfection





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Yelich is the best handled player by the Marlins that I can remember. He's absolutely everything that people kept trying to tell me Jeremy Hermida was back in the day. Yeah I said it.


Stanton gets the praise, and rightfully so, but Yelich is the kind of player you build a team around. Consistently great player, a true five tool player (maybe four if you discount arm strength), a great contract and somebody who should only improve with age. He makes absolutely no headlines with problems or an inflated ego off the field. Not to mention he's given the team around 500 at bats all three full seasons he's been in the majors.


Easily my favorite Marlins player currently. It's interesting to think what his potential can be given he is just 24 years old. A sudden surge in power and he basically becomes Bryce Harper.



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If Yelich has one of those Hanley off seasons where he gains 20lbs of muscle, watch the fuck out. Dude its tall and has a decent frame. He's just too damn skinny. He needs to hit the gym and put on some mass. 


He's been mostly healthy for 3 seasons, I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt.  With our luck he'd bulk up and then a bunch of nagging injuries will start popping up.



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