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13 hours ago, Das Texan said:

What annoys me with Spectrum is if I want HD or to DVR I have to pay extra every month.  Luckily their broadband is more or less ok, because the AT&T option is flat out trash.

Could just buy a TiVO set up and that will resolve the rental fees for the DVR for each month.  You'll have to lease the cable card from Spectrum but that's drastically cheaper than the exorbitant fees cable companies charge for renting their DVR's for each room.  I save literally around $65mo by using TiVO in conjunction with my cable company to bypass those fees.  TiVO set up will run you a few hundred up front but their DVRs are way better than the shit cable companies rent out.

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I pay 40 dollars for internet (I got a great starter price when I bougth my place, and call every year and threaten to cancel, so it hardly goes up year over year), 14 dollars or whatever it is now for Netflix, and my Prime Video is included with my cell phone plan for free (job pays for cell phone plan). I'd be hard pressed to pay less than 55-60 dollars for TV entertainment anywhere. Cutting the cord is great, but you need to live with the fact that you can't watch those couple of channels you like. There's a detox period, but you get used to it.

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